It is our mission to be the best in producing morally upright teachers in all fields of learning and to increase the number of Islamic and Arabic teachers that are few in government schools in Nigeria.

Our milestone is to be the best centre in Africa where we fan the ember of knowledge in its real context for the robust and practical development of the global model of education.

- To establish a pure moral and ethical college of education serving as a producer of best teachers for the generations in Nigeria and beyond.
- To strategise the College as a centre producing the best teachers in the areas of languages such as Arabic, English, etc.
- To train the teachers that would take moral education as priority in their teaching curriculum and methodology.
- To establish a college not only producing teachers but to re-orientate the tutors of future generation on importance of patriotism and self-discipline.
- To train the competent teachers in the area of science and technology to accelerate human power for dynamic development.
- To train more Muslim teachers to contribute their quotas to national development.

"According to our research, in all government owned institutions in Nigeria, the percentages of Muslim students and lecturers are 15% and 11% respectively. Out of all the 20 best private universities in Nigeria, only one Muslim university was ranked among them. By the year 2015, we promise to bridge this gap. Before the year 2020, we shall upgrade this College to university, optimistically to be the best of all In sha Allah."